We offer urban and smart mobility vehicles for rent in Riga and Sigulda city!

For leisure, entertainment, everyday mobility, family trips, excursions, promotional events and presentations or just a more fun time out!

Call and Book your time for rent!

Rental in Riga Rental in Sigulda 
+371 23 225 002 +371 26 444 283 
Mukusalas street 49, LIFE garage Station square in Sigulda, Rent In Sigulda 

!!! For more information about rental options in Sigulda please visit Rent In Sigulda homepage - www.rentinsigulda.lv

 We offer for rent:
- electric scooters 
- self balance hoverboard 
- electric boards and monowheels 

To get one of offered items for rent we will ask you to prepare:
  • caution money: amount indicated in the offer
  • be ready to show us an ID certificate or passport
Day 1 = 24 hour period.  You will get a charger for each rental item.

Electric kickscooter for rent

Xiaomi Mi M365 black electric scooter for rent

Xiaomi Mi M365 white electric scooter for rent

Electric scooter NIU for rent (driver licence required AM, A or B)

Ninebot by Segway ONE S2 monowheel for rent

Ninebot by Segway MiniLite self balance scooter for rent

Self balance scooter for rent, 6,5 " tire (black, red or yellow)

Ninebot by Segway Drift W1 e-skate hovershoes for rent

Electric longboard Koowheel D3M for rent 

Balance surfer for rent